Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back at Home

We arrived in Memphis Saturday night and then to Spring Hill on Sunday. Thanks to all who kept us in your prayers during our trip.
The trip home was long and tiring. It was bittersweet leaving our little man. We were sad to leave but happy to get to see our Sadie. She came running up to us at the airport with open arms. Now we will wait for the date of our court hearing. It should be in approximately 2 months. We will return to Astrakhan for court and stay approximately 4 weeks in Russia completing the remaining documents. After that our little guy will be home forever. We can't wait until we have our family together.

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  1. Hi Holly~ Sounds like you had a successful trip to Astrakhan. We just got back from Vladimir and are heading back for court Sept 19th. It's all so wild, isn't it?! I'll keep watching your blog - it's fun to see things unfold and new sweet kido's coming home!