Friday, August 21, 2009

Going to the Doctor in Russia

This morning we did not get to visit our little man because we had to have medical evaluations. We were told by the other couples here that their medicals didn't even require them getting out of the van, a doctor simply signed the form. However, the rules have changed since they had their medicals done in June. We had a much different experience. We went to a government run clinic that would qualify as a biohazard by American standards. There were people everywhere along with a lot of flies and mosquitoes. The translator told us not to touch anything because this was not a very good clinic. We visited approximately five different specialists. They asked some basic questions, mostly are you healthy. One wanted to see our chest x-rays, one wanted to see our blood work, and one wanted to see our bellies. While going around to the different very small rooms in the clinic the translator told me(Holly) to follow a man to the next doctor. When I got to the next doctor it was a little old lady in a nasty room who tried to take my blood (she spoke no English). I reacted by running out of the room to find Chad and the translator. Through much confusion and one minor well major nervous breakdown on my (Holly) behalf we found out that we must have our fingers pricked to test our blood for some disease. So I had to go back to the visit the little old lady. I let Chad go first. We watched very carefully and everything was opened in front of us from sterile packages (I still didn't like this). The lady put our blood in unsealed, unmarked test tubes. How they are going to kn0w it was ours or what the test was for, or how they are going to match the results up to us we do not know. After we left the little lady we went to the van and waited on our coordinator. When she arrived she said I was lucky because she had convinced them to not send me to the gynecologist. I do not think either one of us will ever grip about going to the doctor in America after this experience.

This afternoon we will be signing some papers and then visit the orphanage. This will be our last visit for this trip. Tonight we are flying to Moscow. We will then sleep for about five hours in $350 a night hotel. On Saturday morning we are leaving Moscow to fly home and will be in Memphis Saturday evening. This is our last post until we get home. See you in Tennessee

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  1. You are too funny Holly! Can't wait to talk to you about your trip when you get back. Thank you for keeping us updated via this blog. Great idea!