Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life in Astrakhan

Hello everyone. I must first apologize for the short post and lack of communication. We have very little internet service at the hotel. It took us approximately an hour and a half to figure out how to call home for one minute. We are trying to determine a better method of communication.

Recap of the week:
Sunday we took a tour of Moscow in a van for several hours. The tour was wonderful and showed us how large Moscow is and some of its unique history. We then flew to Astrakhan that evening and checked into the hotel. We are staying at the Seven Skies hotel. There are three adopting families on the same floor. This is wonderful and the conversation is pleasant. The hotel serves breakfast. On Monday we had a large hot dog with uncooked green peas for breakfast. We can’t wait to see what Tuesday brings.

Monday morning we went to the Ministry of Education where they asked us many questions. They all seemed to make a big deal about how young we are. They then showed us the medical report of the child the referred to us. The medical was taken one month after he was born and was a year old. We did not see any red flags on this report but felt it necessary to get more information before making our decision. Later, that afternoon we went to the baby house that the child is living in. He lives in baby house #2. There we meet with the director and doctor. We were able to review his medical for the past year and meet with his caregiver about social interactions. After all this information we were able to meet him. He is absolutely beautiful. We are not able to post his birth name or his given name at the time. We are also not able to give any photos. We did not spend much time with him on Monday because they woke him up from his nap and then he was hungry. As you can imagine he was a little upset about this.
We will be returning to the baby house on Tuesday at 10:30.

Tuesday we visited the baby house twice once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Right before we saw our little man in the morning the doctor pricked his finger to draw some blood. Because of this he was pitiful. He just wanted Chad to hold him tightly. We had a better visit in the afternoon. He played with some toys and we got to see him walk while he held our hands. He is very quiet and calm. His personality reminds me of Chad. We have not heard him say any words only cry a bit. During the second visit we were watched by a psychologist and were quite nervous. Both visits lasted around thirty minutes.
During some free time this afternoon we walked around the city a bit. We were able to locate a grocery store to buy some drinks and snacks. We have been served hot tea with most of our meals so we were excited to by some coke (Papa understands).


  1. OMG....too funny!!!

    By the way, just want to introduce myself. I stumbled across your blog. I like to follow the blogs of Astrakhan adoptions as my husband and I adopted our daughter from Astrakhan (also Baby Home #2!!) in June 2007. It certainly is an experience......especially is you stay through your 10 day wait on your second trip).

    Best wishes....the wait for the return to travel seems like a lifetime. Yet, looking back now I can't believe it has been two years since our own journey.

    Mama to Madeline
    Baby Home #2
    June 2007

  2. I found your blog while searching for photos of Astrakhan's Baby House #2. Our son, Ethan, was also adopted from Baby House #2. It was February 2009 when we brought him home, Nolan might have been there when he was there. We loved your video and it brought back many memories for us.

    Bonnie and Dayle
    Orlando, FL