Monday, August 10, 2009

Paperwork is done, Now time to pack

We have finished the 40 plus documents that we needed for our first trip.  It was one hard week completing them but thanks to all who helped.  We have now started packing for our first trip.  We will be leaving Thursday night to go to Memphis.  On Friday we will fly to Atlanta and then Moscow.  The whole family is very excited and nervous about the journey ahead of us.  Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to meet the child that God has chosen for us.


  1. Holly and Chad - SO excited for you guys and honored to have you as friends. Getting to watch (and hopefully someday participate) in adoptions has been such a reminder to Jana and I of the action God took towards us through Jesus.

    LOVE the blog idea. Thanks for letting us keep tabs on you here.

  2. Chad & Holly: Your trip and adventure brings back such wonderful memories. We will be praying for a healthy and successful trip.
    Will you fly on to Astrakhan? or will you stay in Moscow? Looking forward to following your progress.
    George & Willi

  3. We will fly to Astrakhan on Sunday, then on Friday we will fly back to Moscow. On Saturday, August 22 we will fly back to Memphis.