Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Visit to the Physchiatrist

Thursday morning we had a visit with our little man. We were able to take him outside to the playground. He liked to swing while in Holly's lap. He even fell asleep. We then left and went to a psychiatrist. We had to have a psychiatric evaluation in order to continue with the adoption. We spent approximately five minutes answering silly questions and then left. The psychiatrist's office was located amongst many questionably stable buildings. We then went to lunch with our coordinator and translator. The translator told Chad that she really liked the salmon salad, so he ordered it also. The only problem with the salad was the salmon was raw. He ate mostly the lettuce because the salmon was chewy and salty. Lunch was followed by a short but precious afternoon visit with our little man. The baby house had a rocking cow and he loved to rock on the cow.
For dinner we celebrated with the other two couples. One of the couples completed their court today. We ate at a restaurant called the Chocolate Ladies. It had an English menu and the food was very good. Tonight we plan on trying caviar. Astrakhan is know for is caviar.

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