Friday, October 23, 2009

Almost time for Gotcha Day! Finally

Today our translator brought a copy of a newspaper she subscribes too. It is in English and we found it very interesting to read. One article made me a bit nervous because it discussed Astrakhan being within range of Iran's nuclear missiles. Not what you want to read about while in Astrakhan.

We have spent the last few days doing a bit of shopping. We bought a stoller for our little guy. We also purchased a Russian hat that makes you look like Eddie from the movie Christmas Vacation.
We did some more laundry. Washing your clothes in the bathtub really makes me miss my washing machine. It is not fun but we have figured our a system to get our clothes mildly clean. The picture shows our drying technique.

The other picture is us in front of Elizabeth, Peter's daughter. It was taken at the Art museum.

The first picture is of a Russian electrical job. And yes that is a Sprite bottle covering the wires.

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