Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Weekend in Russia.

The last couple of days have been about the same. We saw our little man once each day. On Friday we said goodbye to the Culver family. For the next three weeks it will be just Chad and I.
Today we went for a walk to the Kremlin. It is the original fortified city walls. Inside are cathedrals, government buildings, and museums. While walking outside the Kremlin Chad noticed a hamburger wrapper on the ground. We are always looking for new restaraunts to eat at. The places that have English menus are very nice and eating takes several hours. We will have difficulty eating at most of them with our little man. We picked up the wrapper (gross I know) and on the other side of it was the name of the restaraunt and address. So we spent quit a while trying to determine the location of the restaraunt. But we were able and from our terrible translation it is called something like Picnic Cafe. We ate dinner and it is close to the hotel. The cafe did not have an English menu so we were proud of ourselves for successfully ordering our meal. We had hamburgers, fries, and fountain cokes. This is the first place we have seen fountain drinks at in Astrakhan. We think they also have hot dogs and pizza.

Not much else has been happening here except for the honking of horns from all the weddings today. It is impossible to get a nap on the weekends here.
Today is day 2 of our ten day waiting period.

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