Friday, October 9, 2009

Just another day in the Khan

We visited the baby house this morning. We had a nice hour long visit. Our little man walked around the room today more than usual. We were in a different room so it was nice to get to see more of the baby house. They told us he does not have many opportunities to walk much. I think it wore him out because he feel asleep sitting up at the end of the visit. His mosquito bites looked better today, yeah. This afternoon included a failed attempt at a nap. Our hotel overlooks a bridge that we call the love bridge. It is custom after you get married to travel around town and take wedding pictures at different locations. One of those locations is the love bridge where couples place a lock on the railings. Many of the locks are engraved with names and dates. While wedding parties are driving around town taking pictures they announce to everyone by continuosly honking their car horns. We heard car horns all day, it was lovely. We took a long walk this evening and were excited to purchase some milk. Lunch and dinner today were both peanut butter and jelly sandwichs. I think its funny that Teddy Rukspin (probably spelled wrong) is the peanut butter mascot.

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