Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Much New

Things have been quite boring in Astrakhan over the last few days. We have had our once a day visits as usual. Our little man has been a bit fussy but we think he is getting a new tooth. On Thursday morning we will be taking him to get his passport photo taken. He has only left the baby house one other time and that was to go to the hospital when he was sick. It should be a fun outing and will be a nice change of pace for us.
Today we went to an art museum that had Russian and Iranian art. We went with our translator and her husband. We enjoyed the company and had a nice lunch with them afterward.
This evening we will be trying the Russian version of Ramen Noodles. Yum, I haven't eaten those since college. We are tired of eating at restaraunts so we are limited to what the grocery store has. We do not have easy access to a microwave but they do have a water cooler that gives you really hot water. That is what we will be using to cook the Ramen. I can't read the label but I am pretty sure it won't be organic.

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