Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our first night together.

Yesterday we were told to meet the coordinator and translator downstairs at 3:00pm. We went down there and nobody showed up. After waiting for a while Chad was able to contact the other translator by phone. This is how we learned that time changed in Russia on Sunday morning. Everybody just forgot to tell us. So we went back to our room and waited until the real 3:00 pm. While in the car with everybody the translator noticed that our name was mispelled on the court decree. This meant we were not able to go pick up Nolen. We then went to the courthouse to get the document changed. It took about an hour to get the name corrected because they were having difficulty with their computer (our luck). We then went to the store and purchased three cakes to take to the baby house as gifts.
We were worried that it was too late to pick up Nolen but the administrative staff at the baby house waited on us. When we got there they were ready to go home for the evening so the following events happened in less than 15 minutes (about the time it took for them to deliver Sadie by c-section). We had to sign a book at the baby house saying that we are adopting Nolen and that we are aware of the terms. Then the caregiver came in and took the clothes we had brought for him including a diaper. She left and changed him in another room. The director of the baby house had one baby picture of Nolen and he was two months old in the photo. We really wanted the photo but they would not let us have it so we took pictures of the photo. Then they handed us a sample menu of meals he eats during the day. Next, they brought him and told us it was time to go. That was it. He did very good on the trip to the hotel, he sat very quietly. We were suppose to go to the grocery store to purchase some of the food on the list but the coordinator did not take us because it was very cold and late. The low for last night was 21 degrees Farenheit.
Once we arrived in the room we put together a meal for him because he thought he was going to starve and then skyped to family. He has been vary curious and is touching everything he can. He had a difficult time going to bed. Nothing was familiar to him and he could not get comfortable. He finally surrendered on our beds and slept with us for the night. He doesn't even want to look at the baby bed that the hotel purchased for him.


  1. What a great way to end the night! I know you felt so at peace with him sleeping next to y'all :)