Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Weekend

The weekend was uneventful. We had a visit to the baby house on Saturday morning. This was a long visit and was very nice. We put our little man in a pair of squeaky shoes for the first time. He walks much better when his shoes fit. We had a good dinner at the Kreme Cafe and walked on the river walk in the evening.
On Sunday we did not have anything planned. We walked to Sans Pizza during the late afternoon and ate an early dinner. Sans Pizza is about an hour walk from our hotel. We are both very proud of ourselves for purchasing a map and being able to follow it to Sans Pizza. After the walk home we are tired and will spend the evening watching a movie.
Monday afternoon hopefully brings the end of court process. I will post after court and let you all know the outcome.


  1. We are glad you had something to eat other than PBJ. We assume you are talking to Sadie at your moms. We hiked in the Smokies this morning and hit an outlet mall this afternoon (Bill was soooo excited), then dinner with Kyle.

  2. Mmmmmmm....Krem Cafe and Sans. That was good stuff!

  3. So, did the Sans Pizza place taste like our version of pizza??

  4. The pizza was the same as in American. The menu had what was called the American pizza on it. The pizza had bacon and eggs on top. Don't know where they got that idea.