Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What day is it?

That is the question we keep asking ourselves. It is hard to remember is it Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday when there is nothing to distinguish the days from each other. Its sad, I know.

Tuesday night we went to dinner with the other couple who is here. They know a bit more Russian than we do, this is their third trip to Russia. We were determined to find a hamburger. We have been told that hamburgers are not common in Astrakhan. While walking we found a restraunt with palm trees around the door. It had a sign out front with a few pictures of menu items on it. We were so excited to see a hamburger on that sign. The restraunt did not have an English menu nor did the waitress speak any English. With the help of our guide books we were able to order four hamburgers and fries. You would have thought we won the jackpot we were so excited. We have not had any type of red meat since we have been here. The burgers were different. They were open-faced on a slice of Texas toast, topped with tomato and cheese, and they were smoothered in a sauce. The fries were wonderful. The strange thing was we have been looking for hamburgers for a week. We found them at an African themed restraunt in Russia. Who knew.

Our little man is doing great. He has become very curious. He wants to touch everything. I guess it is a good thing that Sadie already baby proofed our home.

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