Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Glory to our God

For those of you who did not have to take time off of what you were doing yesterday to help us I will tell the story. To those of you who helped thank you with all my heart. Wednesday afternoon we arrived in Moscow. Nolen did really well on the plane. He had 3 dirty diapers for his mother and father to change in that tiny bathroom on the airplane for only a two hour plane trip. He was happy as long as he had a cracker to eat. The only time he cried was during landing. During that time he kept pawing at his ears and did not like being strapped down. Getting off a plan into 21 degree weather will take your breath away if you aren't fully ready for it. It is cold here. There is snow on the ground and more is expected to fall on Friday.
Okay, so what happened. Once here, we started on more paperwork. Yes there is more paperwork (more than buying a house). We realized through a confusion with our agency that we did not have our 2006 tax return. We had our 07 and 08 but still needed our 06. Fortunately it being evening in Moscow, it was morning in Memphis. The hard copy of our tax return was in Nashville. There was just enough time for someone to go to our house and back inorder to email us a scan of the document. Chad's dad had a copy of our taxes saved on an old zip disk located in Memphis. The problem with this, nobody still has a zip drive. Both of our mothers started to try to find a zip drive. They went to most peoples work and called the majority of all family and IT people we knew. After two hours of this the Lipfords (Holly's parents) started the trip to Nashville. I knew they could find it at our house but if you know me you know how unorganized I am. All I could tell them was that it was upstairs somewhere. While they started to drive, Chad's mom continued working on the zip drive. She found an old friend at the University of Memphis that said he could do it. He was able to get the document off the disk for us and we received it by email. It only took 3-4 hours and we were back on track to come home. So thank you to all that helped or tried in the process.
While waiting to hear about the document we had a wonderful dinner at McDonalds. If you know me very well you would know that McDonalds is not somewhere I would typically visit, not unless they start serving organic food. But last night, McDonalds was wonderful. It was the busiest two story McDonalds I have ever seen and we had to wait for a table. Nolen did just as Sadie would do. He did not want to eat much. All he wanted to do was dip his french fries in ketchup and eat lick the ketchup off them.
This will truely be our last post from Russia. We had to purchase 24 hours of internet to deal with our problem yesterday. At $30.00 a day we will just wait and talk to you when we get home.
The lesson we have learned in this is to trust God. He can do anything. Like get a 3 year old document around the world in a few hours. To God be the glory for this could not have been done without him

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  1. So glad for how Nolen did on the plane.
    And thanks for the exciting day yesterday... and your faithfulness to give God the glory.
    Blessing to you and 'Get home'!