Friday, February 18, 2011

God is in the Dishwasher Business

As Chad and I are entering another adoption it is more important than ever for us to remember just how God took care of us on the journey to get our Nolen.  During the process to adopt Nolen we moved homes.  The new home, according to our home inspection, had all the appliances in working order.  Once we moved in we quickly realized that the dishwasher was not working properly.  The only thing the dishwasher was good for was use as a drying rack.  Because of this we spent much time washing dishes by hand.  At the time I thought this was awful.  A few months later while in Russia we realized that Russians don't have dishwashers.  We Americans are so spoiled and don't even know it.  Anyways, I thought washing dishes by hand was "roughing it."  Due to our upcoming adoption Chad and I chose to not purchase a new appliance.  We knew we would need this money to go and bring our Nolen home.  One evening while out running errands we drove pass a house that had a dishwasher put on the curb.  It looked great, new in fact.  It was a stainless steel Whirpool.  Why would anybody put that on the curb?  Like most people we just drove by and continued with our errands.  On the way back Chad decided to get out and take a look.  At this point the homeowner came out to speak to Chad.  I was a bit embarrassed to be caught looking at another mans trash.  After speaking with the homeowner we realized it wasn't trash, to us it was a treasure.  The man owned a handyman company and was employed by a couple who just purchased a house in the area.  The couple had him replace the builders grade appliances in their new home with more professional grade ones.  They also wanted the handyman to dispose of the dishwasher.  He did not know anyone to give it to and did not want to throw it away.  He just put it on the curb and that is the story of how God gave us a dishwasher.  I think I will have a hard time replacing it when the time comes.  Almost every time I unload that dishwasher I am reminded of what a gift it was.   It is kinda cool how God uses such simple everyday things to help us remember Him.

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  1. How cool! For years I have had a difficult with and almost cynical view of God and religion. It is not as though I want to, but I feel as though my insides fight my attempts to care about such things. Reading all of your adventures and seeing how your life works out really encourages me. Stories such as this, especially. Thanks Holly and Chad for being the sort of parents I want to be!