Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Your Laundry on the Line?

Mine is!  A common site around our house is seeing the laundry hung out to dry.  I used to try to hide it or put it away before people would drop by to visit.  Now, I just let it be.  If you see my pajamas flapping in the breeze when you visit who cares.  Hanging our laundry out to dry is one of those money saving tips that has become part of our lifestyle.  It takes a bit of extra time and effort but it is worth it.  It cost an average of $0.30 to $0.40 to dry a load of clothes.  This is not too much but in my family every penny counts.  There are some other bonuses to hanging your clothing out to dry.  You will find that your clothing last longer.  Now days so many fabrics have lycra in them which breaks down at extreme heat.  Line drying helps prevent this.  You will also notice less shrinking in your clothing.  Those jeans won't be too tight when you first put them on.  During the summer months using a clothes dryer can add extra heat to your home, you don't need this during southern summer dyas.  I also like the way they smell.  Towels are one thing I would recommend using your dryer for.  If you run them through a short 15 minute cycle in your dryer with a dryer sheet before you line dry them they will be much softer.

Many of you may remember seeing this photo from our trip to Russia.  What you didn't know is that it is often what you will see in our backyard.  If you don't have a clothesline you can get creative.  I find that hanging clothing over the chair backs of my patio furniture works great.  Using this method to dry your clothes can be very entertaining.  However, you never know when a sudden wind storm will blow up.  Resulting in you and the kids having a nice little game of pick up the clothes in the backyard.  Occasionally I even have to deal with mother natures extra rinse cycles (not my favorite).

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