Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grocery Blog Followup

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about the grocery shopping blog.  I love to hear everyones feed back whether it comes blog, facebook, or email.  I have received several questions about my shopping at other stores.  I will try to give you a quick summary below.
Kroger:  Has electronic coupons on their website that you can load directly to your store card.  They double manufacturers coupons up to 0.50.  They also send store coupons through the mail.  You can stack all of these different types of coupons for one product.  They will also give you a $25 gift card for transferring a prescription when you have a coupon. I love their scan right policy.  If an item purchased scans for a different price at the check out counter than the tag on the shelf, you get the item for free.  They willingly charge you the correct price on an item when you tell them it scanned wrong.  However, if you ask for it for free because it scanned wrong then they give it to you for free.  Check out my free block of knives recently received for free thanks to the scan right policy.
Kroger provides the kids with a free cookie from the bakery.  There are also free suckers available in the pharmacy department and stickers at checkout.
My free knives

Publix: I love the BOGOs at Publix.   These are fantastic and when you combine them with coupons you can get things at great prices.  They double coupons up to 0.50.  Publix has store coupons that you can get from a kiosk at the front of the store.  Publix accepts competitors coupons such as Target store coupons.  Every Publix accepts competitor coupons from different stores, check with your Publix store for this info.  They also allow you to stack store and manufacturer coupons.  On Wednesdays the stores have a penny item.  This item can be purchased for one penny with a ten dollar purchase (last week it was a roll of paper towels).  I find that Publix everyday prices are much higher than that of Kroger and Target.  I mostly go there for the sale items.
Publix also offers the kids a free cookie from the bakery.  They can also get a balloon at customer service.
Target: Target has some of the lowest everyday prices on food.  However, they are not known for their big sales and do not double coupons.  Target does offer an abundance of coupons on their website.  I love Target diapers especially with $1.50 off coupon from The Target pharmacy also offers $10 gift card with coupon when you transfer a prescription.
Target also has children cookies available in the bakery department

Please feel free to add your tips for your favorite store in the comments section.

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  1. Target will let you stack coupons. If you read the fine print on Target coupons it says, 'Target will accept one Target coupon and one manufactuer coupon.' And Holly's Kroger is the only one I've found that will let you stack. Mine in Cordova stops me every time. Stephanie (Holly's sis)