Saturday, April 2, 2011

All We Need Is Prayer/ Adoption Update

Thank you so much to all of you for your support during our adoption process.  Our family has been wonderfully blessed by our family and friends as we prepare to embark on this crazy journey.  A friend recently sent me the message below.  It is such a blessing to know that we are being prayed for.  Thank you Sue and to all of you who have spent time praying for our family.
Today while Jenna was at track practice at IHS, I walked the parking lots to get my exercise in. I came across 2 pennies and thought of your blog post. I picked up the pennies, held them in my hand and prayed for your girls as I walked. I came upon another penny, picked it up and prayed for Sadie and her adjustments to 2 more siblings. I found another penny, picked it up and prayed for Nolen and his adjustments. I came across 2 more pennies picked them up and prayed for you and Chad. I may not be able to support you in great ways financially for your adoption, but I can pray. I love following your blog. And spending an hour walking and praying for your family and your girls is certainly a privilege.
This week we were able to get fingerprinted by United States Customs and Immigration Services.  This is the last big document needed by us for the adoption.  We also heard that all is going well with the paperwork for the girls.  They are a little over half way done with it.   The orphanage director is working diligently on our behalf to finish this paperwork.  Once these documents are collected and completed they will be submitted to the court system.  After a few steps in the court system we will be assigned a court date.

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