Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bring It On, We Can Take It

I have had many people ask me How do we know that this is what God's plan is for us?  My answer is typically quite vague, We just do.  This leaves most unsatisfied but it is the truth.  While following God I sometimes take joy in the fact that Satan is tempting me.  You see for if Satan is tempting me then I must be doing something right.  Yesterday I was tested, I hope I passed.
Many of you know and experienced some pretty nasty storms that came through Tennessee yesterday afternoon.  While the kids were asleep and I was in the kitchen we had a funnel cloud go over our house.  Thankfully it did not touch down and become a tornado.  However, it did produce some nasty winds.  I was standing in our kitchen, which is right next to our garage, when one of the garage windows was blown in.  The garage door also buckled and bowed out at this time.  I did not know what was happening and assumed we were about to be hit by a tornado.  The "fight or flight" reaction kicked in.  I ran and grabbed both kids like they were baby dolls and put them in the bathroom with me.  After we were in the bathroom for about 30 seconds I heard another very loud noise.  We remained in our hall bathroom for a few minutes until all scary sounds stopped.  I then put the kids on my bed to watch cartoons and calm down.  While surveying the damage I noticed a huge tree in our backyard was now on my fence and in my neighbors yard.  We are very fortunate that the funnel cloud did not form into a tornado.  Everyone is okay but I was a bit shaken up.
After yesterdays events I felt like I was in spiritual warfare.  I feel like Satan is attacking us in order to discourage us from continuing on this adoption journey.  But my God is awesome and overpowered him.  Satan knows that we are currently trying to save every penny we have  for our adoption.  He is trying take from that with this experience.  But I know that my God is in control.  I am still spending most of my devotional time in the book of James.  Here are some verses that have been "sticking out" to me.  James 1:2-3
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

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