Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last Day to Crown a Princess

Friday is the last day to order flowers for Jinja.  I will post the winner of the $25 Bath and Body Works gift card on Monday.  Unfortunately I will not be able to accept orders for flowers past this weekend due to the need to make them and getting ready for travel.

Every girl is a princess, at least that is what I believe.  Unfortunately not every girl feels like a princess.  It is common practice in orphanages to shave the hair from all children.  This helps keep lice away and is easier to maintain.  While in the baby house in Russia Chad and I had a difficult time determining if a child was male or female.  Occasionally we would see a child with a bow in their hair which would let us know they were a little princess.  Sadie loves to play dress up.  In fact she is usually dressed up like a princess; dress, jewelry, crown, and high heels of course.  It is sad to think that many little girls in the world don't think they are a princess.  So we are going to let them be princesses.  After all we are all sons and daughters adopted by the King.  Our family has set the goal of crowning 100 princesses in Jinja. 
What does this mean?  We want  to take 100 soft headbands with flowers on them to Uganda to distribute to the little girls.
How can you help?  When you order a flower for yourself one will also be sent with us to Uganda.  The flowers you will receive come on hair clips and safety pins.  They can be used as hair bows or you can pin one just about anything including clothing, hats, and bags.
The flowers are made by Holly with a little help from Chad.  100% of the proceeds will help bring our girls home.  One flower for you and one flower for a princess cost $8.00.

...bestow on them a crown of beauty.  Isaiah 61:3

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