Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I Have Learned To Live Without

While saving for our adoptions Chad and I have tried to find things to cut out of the budget.  I know many people are looking for things to cut from their monthly bills.  It always amazing how little people are willing to cut.  Are you willing to cut your cable, internet, or cell phone?  Through this journey I have learned that I really do not need all that I think I do.  It is so easy in our culture to view things that are privileges as rights.  We feel we have the right to many luxuries.  There is not more of an eye opening experience to this than to spend some time in another country.  It is amazing to look back on our time in Russia and think how did we do it.  How did we spend 6 weeks without television, cell phones, clothes washing machine, dish washer, or a car?
One of the first lessons God began to teach me when we entered the adoption process with Nolen was sacrificial giving.  Sacrificial  giving is giving to God's ministry to the point that you are sacrificing something.  I mean really something.  I studied this in Luke chapter 7.  In this chapter a woman anointed Jesus' feet with an alabaster jar of perfume.  What we don't realize is that this jar of perfume would have cost her approximately one years worth of wages.  She sacrificed one years worth of wages to worship her King.  She also sacrificed to Jesus by serving him.  She washed his feet and dried them with her hair.  I know most of us including me think we know what sacrifice is but haven't really experienced it.  Most of us have not come close to sacrificing one years worth of wages to serve the Lord.
Adoption is expensive.  Adoption is time consuming.  Most of know that.  But I have found the sacrifices that we have had to make in order to obey our God well worth it (Have you seen Nolen).  Here are a few things that Chad and I have learned that we really don't need.  They having been great at helping us save money and have blessed us in other ways.

Smart Phones-  I know all the cool kids have one these days.  But lets face it, they are expensive.  Chad and I have yet to have one of these.  Yes there are times when I think one would be nice but not a necessity.  The phone I have could use a little repair.  But I do not see any point in getting a new phone for Sadie and Nolen to fight over.  I can just imagine what a new phone would look like floating in my toilet.
Cable TV- Yes we live in the dark ages without cable television.  We first cut cable in order to save money but we have been blessed by no cable TV.  Blessed?  You spend less time watching TV when you have nothing to watch.  We find that with less television options we spend more time as a family.
Video Games- Chad and I have chosen not to get a game system.  Video games are expensive and very time consuming.
Name Brand Clothing-  I grew up going to a school where everyday was like a fashion show.  Clothing was very important.  I still love fashion but have chosen not to look at it as a financial investment.  If you think about it many people spend enough money on their clothing as a financial investment.  When our family splurges on new clothing it is always on sale and I usually stack multiple discounts.  We are also big shoppers at children's consignment sales and the Goodwill store. (Unmentionables and shoes are bought new of course)
Dining Out- With the budget strapped tight getting ready to go to Uganda restaurants are not something we get to visit.  Also, with two toddlers in tow they aren't that enjoyable.


  1. Their bedroom looks great! Chad did a great job, again, on getting the names built! He really should do it as a side job like your cakes they look so awesome! But I know you guys have no spare time with the twins on the way. I love reading all the ways you save money. Kyle mentioned us going to cable and getting rid of DVR/satellite. I almost flipped, but you make a good point. Without we would spend more time as a family and it would prevent kids from watching so much tv like most kids do these days so they don't stay active and fit. So you are definitely onto something. I may just cancel it after all once the kids arrive!

  2. Courtney you made me laugh talking about Kyle. I can volunteer Chad to make names for your twins rooms if you would like. I can't wait to see you this weekend.

  3. I almost asked you to have him name his price and make me some but I ended up buying wood letters at hobby lobby and covering them with fabric that matched the curtains/crib stuff.