Monday, April 25, 2011

We Love Show Hope!!

What is Show Hope?  Show Hope is an organization founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his family.  They offer adoption aid and orphan care.  They offer aid in the form of grants to Christian families who are in the adoption process.  They also support orphans all over the world.  They have a home in China called Mariah's Big House of Hope where they provide life-giving care for at-risk orphans living with medical conditions.  Show Hope is an amazing resource for families who are adopting.  We were very fortunate to qualify for a grant to bring our Nolen home two years ago.  This is a great way for those who are wanting to help orphans but just don't know how to find out what they can do.  Show Hope also has a store of items that they sell to help support their organization.
Nolen was recently featured in their newsletter.  Check it out below.
The Caption below the photos states "To the donors of Show Hope we would like to say thank you.  Our Nolen is a precious gift from God, and you  helped us bring him home.  Thank  You."  Chad and Holly Stewart welcomed home Nolen

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