Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Uganda?

Many of you are curious about why Chad and I choose to adopt from Uganda.  When people first began the adoption process one the first of many decisions they must make is domestic or international.  There are advantages and difficulties associated with each choice.  Our family has a heart for international orphans and feel like God has called us to that mission field.  Domestic adoption is often for families seeking babies and who are not willing to travel.  We were not interested in seeking an infant, sleeping through the night is kinda nice.  We felt like the need is much greater for international adoption and few are willing to go.  (This is not meant at all undermine domestic adoption).
After deciding to do an international adoption we had to decide on a country.  We automatically wanted to return to Astrakhan, Russia.  It quickly became apparent to us that Astrakhan is no longer participating in adoptions.  In fact, Russia as a whole has become a very difficult country to adopt from.  It has become more expensive, has a longer wait, the paperwork has become much more intense, and the travel is longer.  Even though, I thought it would be neat if our children could share the same heritage, Russia no longer met our needs.
If not Russia what country?
When picking a country to adopt from you might think you have your pick of the whole world. The answer is actually the opposite.  There are a handful of countries that work in international adoption.  These countries are also known to open and close to international adoption.  The countries that were possibilities for us during our first adoption were no longer available and a whole new set of countries were now our choices.  You first must determine which country in which you qualify.  Some of the qualifications include age, number of children in the home and number of divorces in the family.  A big factor for us was age.  Chad and I are under 30 years old.  There are several countries that require you to be at least 30.  Once you have your list of countries that you qualify for you must then pick a country that meets your needs.  Some of the factors that you look at are ages and gender of children available, care of children, length of travel, program expenses, and stability of the program.
Chad and I had narrowed our list down to two countries, Ethiopia and Uganda.  Neither one of these met our requirements so decided not to decided.  The next day after making that decision God made it for us.

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  1. I love this post. It articulately addresses the decision making process. Our process was similar...we narrowed down to Ethiopia & Rwanda. Then Rwanda closed & God made it clear we were NOT to adopt from Ethiopia & He had a plan. For us, that plan is Ghana.
    Love reading your blog! God bless.