Sunday, May 8, 2011

Adoption Update

We are basically waiting on a phone call.  We are waiting to be notified by our agency that we have received a date to go to court.  This date could come with very little notice so we are trying to get ready to go.  We have completed all of the paperwork needed to travel.  The family has also received the shots that are needed.  Poor Nolen had it the worst, he had to have a total of 6 shots.  This was largely due to him being behind on his normal childhood shots.  He now starts to cry when we enter the doctors office.
The guest room of our home has become overtaken with operation go to Africa.  This is where I am storing the items we have collected to go.  If anyone comes to visit us, I am sorry but your room is currently occupied.  I have gathered items of entertainment for the kids, snacks, raincoats, umbrella strollers, suitcases, diapers, wipes, and anything else you might need for four toddlers in Africa for a month.  I was going to post photos but I am embarrassed by my inability to organize.  Basically it is just a big pile of stuff in the middle of the room.  My goal for the week is to attempt to organize the pile so I can make sure that I am not forgetting something.  Nancy Stewart, Chad's mom (also known as Nanny) is also collecting items for travel.  She is going to be our traveling companion for this great adventure.  She has gathered the much needed items such as clothes line and pins, power adapters, hot pot, can opener, and all the other needed items for living out of a hotel room.  She has been wonderful at helping me with things to pack.  It is nice to have someone who is organized to keep my type b mind on track.
Below are some recent photos of the kids that have been requested.

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  1. You truly have an oranizational expert in Nanny as she has always been that way.. I should know since she has been my friend since we were
    Sadie becomes more beautiful as each day passes and Nolen still looks truly like God hand picked him to be your son because he looks so much like Chad.
    I hope that phone call comes soon!
    I keep your family in my prayers every night !!