Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Don't all babies come from Russia, Mommy?"

Having the talk about where babies come from is probably awkward for most mothers.  However, when you throw adoption into the mix it becomes very complicated.  Until recently Sadie had the concept that babies came from Russia.  It was kinda cute and innocent.  I found going along with this idea to be the easy way out.  We have now come to the point where she is realizing that all babies do not come to Russia.
This topic has come about because of the talk about getting the girls from Africa.  This led to me explaining that they are coming from Africa not Russia.  We were talking about how Nolen, Hadley, and Liana's mothers were unable to take care of them so Jesus chose us to be their new family.  Sounds okay, right?  Not to a three year old.  Sadie then wanted to know where she was from, Russia or Africa?  After explaining to her that Jesus placed her in my tummy to grow.  She asked if I was her first mommy.  I said yes, and I told her that I am her only mommy.  The response that followed was not one that I expected.  Immediate terror came across her precious face.  She said hold me, love on me.  I became a bit confused until she explained why she was so scared.  Sadie told me that she did not want to have to get a new mommy like her brothers and sisters.  She become scared that she is going to be adopted.
Oh my sweet Sadie, how I love you and will never leave you.  If only I could get her to understand that.
As difficult as it has been to see her upset over the matter it has been a good lesson for me.  This has made me think about how terrifying adoption must be for the children.  Hadley and Liana do not know we exist.  They do not know they will be moving to America and getting a new family.  While we all have had time to prepare for their arrival they have no idea.  One day a family that they have known for a short time will take them away from the home they know.  Can you imagine how scary this must be?
Please keep the girls in your prayers this week.  My prayer is for this transition to be as least scary as possible.  I pray for comfort for them throughout this process.
I will not leave you as orphan; I will come to you.
John 14:18


  1. Sweet, sweet Sadie! Thanks for this insight, Holly! We've had months of looking at pictures of these precious girls, and I forget that they know nothing about any of us.

    John 4:18 says that perfect love casts out fear. I will pray that the love you and Chad have for them today overflows on the day you finally meet them; and they see and feel Christ's love for them though both of you!

  2. Sally P in ArlingtonMay 10, 2011 at 10:20 PM

    This was a great insight! All we think about is how great the girls' life will be with their new family, without realizing that this is scary to them! Out of the mouths of babes...