Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making It Missional

While Chad and I were in Russia one of the things I struggled with was time.  I know while we were there we were accomplishing things, mostly adopting Nolen, but I feel like it was a bit of a waste of time.  As I stated in a previous post we spent a large amount of time on facebook, farmville, skype, reading, and walking.  All these were things we found to do to past the time away.  What if we were able to use that time for God's kingdom?  We felt stuck in Russia for many reasons one of those being language.  There were 3 people we could speak to other than each other during our time there.  It was also cold; it actually snowed the last day of October.  During the end of the trip we stayed in the hotel room sometimes for several days in a row due to the weather and language difficulties.  My goal for this trip to Uganda is to make it missional.  I want us to find something to do with our time in Uganda.  Our God's sense of humor shows through in this to me.  The two things that I used as my excuse in Russia, weather and language, should not be a problem in Uganda.  It definitely will not be cold in Africa.  The town in which we are flying into actually has the equator running through town.  We are also preparing to not have air conditioning.  God has found a way to make us not want to be in a hotel room for weeks.  Also, the official language of Uganda is English.  Many of the people speak Swahili, Lugandan, or the Bantu languages but many also speak English.  We will actually be able to speak to people other than ourselves.  If this seems like a silly thing to be excited about try spending the next 6 weeks with only your spouse to converse with.
Snowing in Moscow
With the two main obstacles we dealt with in Russia taken out of the picture,  what is going to be my excuse?  I hope I do not have one or need one.  Our plan is to use this trip to share  the gospel with the people we meet.  Unlike in Russia we will have the opportunity to visit with the workers at the orphanage, meet the caregivers, and converse with our driver and attorney.  Please pray for opportunities to arise to help us make our trip as missional as possible.

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  1. I am so blessed to have two sweet caring daughters. I can't wait for us to have Liana and Hadley here to love.