Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adoption Update

Unfortunately we are still in Tennessee.  We thought we would be in Africa or on our way home by now.  But God has had different plans.  We have had a slight hold up with one document.  There was one item wrong on a document.  This one thing took almost a month to get corrected (a little frustrating).  Yesterday Chad and I sent back a signed and notarized copy of the corrected document.  Hopefully now things will finally move a bit.  Unfortunately courts close on July 15 until August 15 for a month long vacation.  If we do not have court before the close we will be here at least until August, bummer.
The judges have also changed their expectations a bit.  They are now requesting that at least one parent have a bonding period with the children for a couple of weeks prior to the court date.  This bonding period is very important for the children and parents.  We had several weeks of bonding with Nolen before his final court.  These weeks were hard because they required us to be in Russia for a long period of time and away from Sadie.  However, the time was very good for Nolen to get used to us and get to know us.  Therefore, one of us will travel to Uganda before court to have a bonding time.  That person of course will be me (Holly) since Chad needs to work as much as possible.  I will probably take Sadie with me for the bonding period.
To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor, and immortality he will give eternal life. Romans 2:7


  1. How long is the new bonding time pre-court? We too are in the process and haven't heard this. Yikes!

  2. It is not yet required by law but if you don't bond before court they are waiting a few weeks after your court before they issue the final decree. They are using the weeks after as a bonding time. By going before court the judges are more likely to issue a decree immediately. This means my Chad can work a few extra weeks.

  3. Exciting to read about your upcoming adoption. So glad to be a new follower,