Sunday, June 19, 2011

Guest Blogger

One of my blogs has been chosen to be used in a guest blogger link of the well know adoption website my crazy adoption.  I am not exactly sure which post was chosen so go over there and check it.  It will be featured on Monday, June 20 and another on June 24.
This website is a wonderful resource for families who are in any way part of adoption.

PLEASE KEEP VOTING.  There are only 2 days left to vote.  Vote by clicking on the link to the top right of the blog.  Then click on the orange thumb next to our blog.

Adoption Update:  Hopefully we will hear this week that the documents have been submitted to the courts in Kampala.  There should be no more hang ups.  We got to see a bunch of photos of Hadley and Liana this weekend.  They look like they are happy and enjoying themselves.  If you would like the link to see all that is going on at the baby house just send me a message and I will forward it to you.  The home where the girls live is part of an organization that also has a primary school and runs community outreach.  There are multiple ways for people to help them listed on their website if you are interested.  This week the school has a group of volunteers helping them.  Some of the pictures showed the volunteers playing and loving on our girls.  It is good to know that someone is loving on them.


  1. hi holly, i'm glad i found your blog! our family is waiting to be matched with 2 from uganda and we are hoping for twins too. are you with an agency? and what baby's home are your girls coming from?
    many blessing to ya as you wait!!

  2. Hey Cari,
    We are using Little Miracles International. Keep us updated on your progress. Do you have a blog? Post it and I will add it to my links page.
    Good luck

  3. one more question... did you guys request twins? if so, did that lengthen your wait?
    and i don't have a blog. yet.