Monday, July 18, 2011

What will I say?

I have been told that there is great chance that I will get to spend some time with the birthparents of the girls.  What does one say to the birthparents of their children.  I have been trying to prepare myself for this but I am not sure that this is something that I can prepare myself for.  Thank you just does not seem to do it justice.  As a person who feels like they sometimes stick their foot in their mouth when speaking I am afraid to say too much.  I am also scared of breaking some type of Ugandan social norms which I have no knowledge of.  So what does one do?  I feel like words are just words and nothing more.  I show my faith and beliefs by what I do.  Sometimes I should show my emotions by what I do.
When first told about the possible meeting with the girls birth mother I began to pray and look for examples of showing thanks and humility in the Bible.  One example repeats itself several times.  Foot washing.  This is used in the Bible to show the greatest servitude and humility.  I am not sure if I will receive the opportunity to actually do this so please pray that God will provide Chad and I with the appropriate words to use during this special meeting.

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