Monday, August 8, 2011

How This Works In the Legal System

I apologize for a lack of post lately.  I have found myself a bit distracted with all that is going on.  Chad and I are trying to complete some unfinished projects around the house.  I have had a few small honey do's to be done before our trip.  I feel like if they aren't done before we go they will never be done.  Maybe this is just part of our nesting.
I have been trying to get somethings in line for when the girls come home.  When we bring the girls home Chad and I will only have guardianship of them.  This is much different than it was with Nolen.  Nolen's adoption was finalized in Russia and when he came home it was under his new name.  He also became a US citizen upon entry into the USA.  Due to a difference in adoption laws this will not be the case with H & L.  We will be their legal guardians and they will come home legally with their Ugandan names.  They also will not become US citizens immediately.  In order for their adoption to become finalized we must file in a US court.  This process should not be too complicated and is mostly the submitting of legal paperwork.  The one thing about this process that is stressful to me is time.  In order to file on our taxes for our adoption tax credit in April the adoption must be finalized in 2011.  We will only have two months after we get home to get through the US court system.  A specific prayer request for our family is that we are able to complete the adoption finalization before the end of the year.

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