Monday, August 1, 2011

Its Hot, Put the Crock Pot Outside

I do not know what the weather is like where you are at but here in middle Tennessee it is very hot.  We have been having those days where you break out in a full sweat just walking to the mailbox to pick up your mail.  Everybody is sweaty and stinky and that is just part of life right now.  I think God is trying to adjust our bodies to the temperature for when we are in Africa.  I guess now all I need to finish the adjustment is turn of the AC and hot water heater.  But I think I will enjoy those up until the last minute.
When it is this hot outside the last thing I want to do is cook in my kitchen.  Using the oven just makes the house hot and waste all that hard earned money spent on AC.  During this weather we do cook two ways: on the grill and in the crock pot.  I know most people save their crock pots for winter soups and stews but mine gets most its working done in the summer when it is hot.  I do not like to use the crock pot in my kitchen because then all it does is put heat into my house for eight hours.  Instead I put it on a shelf in my garage.  Yes that is right if you walked in my garage right now you would smell brownies cooking.  Crazy I know.  I love brownies but who wants to run the oven for 45 minutes in this temperature.  Yes, you can bake in your crock pot.
Check out a few of the statistics that I found online about how much energy your crock pot saves.  Not only does it cost much less to run but by using it outside you keep the heat out of your house.

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  1. Great idea about putting the crock pot in the garage...or, I was thinking, I could set it out on my patio. It's 95 degrees here in Oregon, and in September, and I definitely didn't want to heat up my house.