Monday, August 15, 2011

Sick Babies, Upset Momma

As a mother one of the last things I want to experience is a sick child.  It is even worse when you can't be the one there to hold and comfort them.  Yesterday we received an update saying that the girls have been sick.  They both have malaria and dysentery.  The girls have been to a clinic and are receiving treatment.  I owe much thanks to those responsible for their medical care.  We are told they are doing much better and are back at the baby home being loved on.  Oh how I wish it were me loving on them.  Just 3 more weeks girls, momma is coming.
Malaria is a parasite that reproduces in our red blood cells.  It is spread by mosquitos.  To help protect us against this disease while in Africa we will be taking malaria pills before, during, and after our trip.  We will also be sleeping under mosquito nets to protect us from being bitten.    It is seen widespread in sub saharan Africa.  It causes fever and vomiting.   Dysentery is inflammation of the intestines.  It also causes fever and diarrhea.  These are both illnesses that are common in this part of the world.  Both can be very serious if not treated.
Please pray for the girls as they are recovering.  Please pray for their strength to return for they have quite the journey ahead of them.

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  1. Will definitely be praying for your girls. Keep us posted.