Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying To complete Unfinished Projects

With just 2 weeks before Sadie and I leave things are starting to get a bit crazy.  I am known to take on a large amount of projects.  I am even better at not finishing them.  Since I find it hard to complete my crazy projects with two kids I am sure I will find it nearly impossible to finish anything with four toddlers running around.  At least that is what I am going to use as my excuse.  Lately my projects have been a combination of crafting and reorganizing.  I am trying to figure out just how our little house is going to hold our large family.  I am getting creative with storage ideas.  Chad recently renovated our laundry closet to provide me with some storage and a folding counter.  This is just a closet under the stairs, in the hallway.
I finally finished painting the stencil on my bathroom ceiling.  This turned out beautiful but took quite a bit of time.  I also made stuffed animal bean bags for the kids.  These are just fabric and mesh bags that hold all of the kids stuffed animals.  They double as a bean bag or seat.

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