Friday, September 9, 2011

Change Of Plans

Wow has life changed in 3 days.  Three days ago I was in Tennesse, sitting in air conditioning, and trying to plan how this adventure was going to take place.  Wow, God did not like my plans.  He really through me a curve ball.  To explain the drastic change that has occured I will start with the beginning of our trip here.
The first plane we were to catch out of Nashville was cancelled (this should of been a sign of things to come).  Sadie and I had to take a different path around the world than expected.  The orginal route was Nashville to New York, to Amsterdam, to Entebbe Uganda.  This is how we came:  Nashville to Detroit, to Amsterdam, to Rwanda, and then to Entebbe Uganda.  Sadie was wonderful on the planes.  I could not have asked for much more considering how we were traveling.  Since our flights got all messed up we did not get the nice window seats we originally reserved.  I owe a bit of apologies to the Ugandan man that had to spend most of 10 hours with coke spilled in his lap and the legs of a sleeping 4 year old on him.  Anyways it was entertaining and made for some memories.  Photos will soon follow.
After we landed in Entebbe we drove to the next largest city, Kampala which is the capital.  We spent the night there at a nice but modest guest house.  We went to sleep around 1:00 am and Sadie woke me up a little after 6.  Apparently, there was a chicken coop outside our window and the roosters started crowing a little after 6.  We ate breakfast at the guest house.
Our driver then came to pick us up and drive us around Kampala to do some business.   I purchased a sim card for my phone and a modem for the computer.  I also exchanged some money.  Around noon we began our car ride toward Jinja.  Jinja is the town where the baby home is.  The ride took several hours.  Sadie road in my lap because she wanted see out the window.  It was wonderfull to see the country during the drive but a bit of culture shock as well.  Sadie kept saying look mom a lady with bananas on her head.
Once we arrived in Jinja we checked into the apartment which is our new home for the next few weeks.  It is nice with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.  This is where things begin to do a backflip for me.
The original plan was for the girls to stay at the baby house and for us to visit them daily until after court.  We would gain custody of them and bring them to the apartment in early October after Chad arrived.
Wow what a good plan,  God did not think so. If I must add at this point I have had approximately 10 hours of sleep in the past 3 days and some of the details are a bit fuzzy.  I will regret that later but that is just how it is.  After we were in the apartment a half hour Sadie was settling in well, unpacking, and finding all of the treats I had brought for her.  A lady that works for our adoption agency came by and said we will go get the girls in an hour.   GO GET THE GIRLS.  Wait.  What. It had been requested by someone unknown to me that I obtain immediate custody and by immediate I mean NOW.  So within alone being at our final destination for 2 hours I had the girls.  We went to the baby house to pick them up.  Had a very short introduction, changed their clothes, and off we went.
So, as I sit here and write this there are three little girls in the other room all asleep in the same bed.  Not what was expected but far sweeter than I could ever imagine.
For the first few hours we all sat around and looked at each other.  Sadie and I were both in this stunned, sleep deprived state, yet somehow able to remain composed.  The girls are overwhelmed and that shows.  They are starting to warm up with us.  Sadie has shared all of her toys with them.  Then the power went out.  And we sat in the dark for a few hours.  Around 8:30pm the electricity came back on and the lady that runs the guest house cooked us some dinner.  It was wonderful we ate 2 whole plates of fried chicken and fries.  Comfort food was just what we need.  The girls ate with these huge smiles on their faces.  Shortly after dinner I was able to get them to go to sleep.  I think them going to bed easy was a Gift God gave me today.
Anyways, I am exhausted and I am sure tomorrow will be another adventure.  More to come.


  1. Holly, you have me in tears. Praying for you, for rest, for encouragement, for peace in these new surroundings, that mealtimes with the three will go smoothly, that bedtimes and outings will be joyful, that you will be able to shower and sleep regularly. Praying for you!

  2. Parying for God's peace to surround you and the girls so they will sense that they are safe and realize that you are their momma!!

  3. God bless you! I am very much enjoying reading your blog. My husband and myself are just starting our adoption journey (Poland). Can't wait to see your pics. May the rest of your trip be healthy, happy and smooth!

  4. Wow, Holly! I will be praying for all of you! God Bless You, Alisha

  5. Holly - wow. I literally had tears when I read this. I don't know how you are doing it all by your self. Clearly God is helping you through it. I would just be a mess traveling all around the world with a child and then to find out that all the flights were changed and you had to get the girls earlier than expected. I know how much work it was for you to pack and to think that you may not have all the girls stuff since you were not expecting to get them until Chad and his mom arrived who I imagine were bringing the twins stuff.