Monday, September 12, 2011

First Sunday in Uganda

Yesterday morning during breakfast the chef here asked the families if we would attend church with her.  So for some crazy reason I decided to haul my crew to church.  It was a Christian church.  This was definitely an experience to remember and I look forward to returning next week.  The service was given in Lugandan and in English.  It was hard for me to understand the message but the songs I knew.  We sang This is the Day Which the Lord has Made  and  Are God is an Awesome God.  We stayed a little over an hour but were told the service lasted around 3 hours.  Sadie clung to me during the service and cried anytime I tried to put her down.  The chef, Evalynn, held L and a nice lady that sat behind us held H.  The girls were well behaved for most of the time.  I also had the opportunity to hand the first of the headbands out at church.  The little girls were so proud of their new hairbows.
Last night I cooked Krafts macaroni and cheese for dinner.  The 3 girls ate 2 whole boxes and L licked her plate clean.  Mac n Cheese was a big hit.
I am so grateful to the other families here who have helped me out with the girls.  Evalynn who works at the guest house has also been a great help.  Last night I was having a difficult getting the girls to bed because L was a bit wild.  S and H were tired but couldn't fall asleep because of the commotion.  Evalynn came took L to the kitchen with her so I could get the others to sleep. 
Today I am doing laundry.  Exciting I know.  Since I did not know I was getting the girls yet I did not pack clothes for them.  I brought one dress for each of them.  They have been wearing S's dresses and her pullups.  I also did not bring any toys or medicine for them.  I am definitely winging it.

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