Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Plan

As the big day approaches our house has become total chaos.  I was blessed yesterday by some amazing ladies from our church.  They spent most of yesterday at our home packing us.  I am so grateful to have an organized person come in and pack my bags.  I have been a bit overwhelmed, so this was a wonderful gift.  As we got started packing the kids got crazy.  Kids can just sense disorder and then they take it to the next level.  At one point both of the kids were lying in suitcases and had packed their most valuable possessions with them.  I of coarse was unable to locate a camera in the craziness to get a photo.  I think in all, including Chad, Nolen, and Nancy, we will have 7 large suitcase, 3 carry-ons, 6 backpacks, and 2 umbrella strollers.
In the morning we will head to the Nashville airport with some friends.  There is a couple here whose flight leaves just before mine.  They are going to visit some family.  We are going to give them a ride to the airport with us and they are going to assist me through the check in procedures.  
Our flights are Nashville to JFK in New York. We then go to Amsterdam and onto Entebbe, Uganda.  Our flight in Uganda lands at 10:00 at night.  Once we land in Uganda we will drive to Kampala and spend the night.  The next day we will get up and take a several hour car ride to Jinja.  We leave Wednesday morning and will make it to our final destination sometime on Friday.  Please pray for safe travels during this time.

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