Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pseudo Triplets!!!

Today we did not go to church.  Instead all 7 of us went back to the baby house.  They were having a birthday party for two of the children there.  We had a wonderful day.  We played with all of the children there for several hours.  We took bubbles and balloons.  We also took some toys that we brought from the states.  The children had a great time.  Sadie and Nolen played outside with the other kids and made some new friends.
The birth mother of the girls was also there.  We were able to learn some more about the family.  We also learned that the birthdate that is on the girls birth certificate is not correct.  They were issued birth certificates this summer when we began the paperwork process to adopt them.  Several times over the past few weeks I have asked the lawyers and our coordinator if they are sure that it is the correct date.  I have felt like they are a bit older than that based on developement.  Everyone said that it was the correct date.  Then today the mother told me when they were born.  There was a typo on the certificates.  We have thought the girls to be born in the summer of 2009.  Wrong!  They were born in the summer of 2008.  This was quite a shocker to me.  This means the girls are 1 month older than Nolen.  I guess he won't be needing that big brother shirt I bought him.  Poor Nolen he has three older sisters.  We have four children whose birthdays are all within 54 weeks of each other.

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  1. That is unreal that the birth certificates were so far off! Are they going to be able to make corrections to that for the girls? Oh Nolan, get ready for a life surrounded by crazy women! (not you, Holly, of course!) Still praying here. Court is tomorrow? Hoping all goes well.