Saturday, September 10, 2011

Survival Mode

Our second whole day in Africa and second day with girls is complete.  Wow, I am tired.  It is amazing how little sleep the body can fuction on when one has too.  I hope to get everyone a good nights sleep tonight.  It has taken Sadie a few days to flip flop her schedule around.  The second night her she woke up at 3:30 am and I found myself playing barbies in the middle of the night.  She has done very well considering the circumstances.  She loves her sisters and is being a wonderful big sister.  Her favorite part of Africa is getting to live out a princess fantasy by sleeping under a mosquito net.  We are still working on the toy sharing thing.
The girls have started to come out of their shells a bit for me.  Am I going to have my hands full.  L is a character and full of energy.  I hear her say a few words.  When I feed them she says thank you and will ofter call the other one by her African name.  They mostly speak to each other.  What they are saying, who knows.  This irritates Sadie when she is trying to play with them.  At one point in the evening all the girls were running up and down the hall way screaming catch me catch me.  It was awesome to see them playing and giggling together.
H is very shy.  Painfully shy.  When it is just us in the room I get to see her personality but if we are around large groups of people she will shut off.  She loves to be held and would sit in a lap all day. 
There are 2 other adopting families at the guest house with us.  The children have been playing in the courtyard together.  These families have been a huge help to me sense I am greatly out numbered.  We went to the "grocery store" today to get some provisions.  One of the other ladies went with me to help me hold babies.  We have been eating the breakfast served at the guest house.  The lady here has also been cooking us dinner since I don't think restraunts are in my future for at least a year.  The meals are simple and carb loaded.
The sweetest moment of the day was when I heard H&L call me mama.  Precious.

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