Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday: Hanging Around

It is Wednesday evening here.  All three little ladies are in bed pretending to be asleep.  I know they are exhausted.  L has a difficult time going to sleep.  She is handling the stress by crying.  This prevents everyone else from taking a nap.  Today, H took a nap nextdoor at one of the other adopting family's apartment.
Today we stayed at the guest house all day and played.  A new family arrived last night making a total of 4 families and 8 kids.  The kids play outside most of the day, that is the best place to catch a breeze.  The employees here completed a swing for the children to play on.  This was the highlight of the afternoon for most of them.
Today I did some laundry.  That is definitely a chore here.  I feel guilty about complaining to Chad about my laundry closet before we came.  I now appreciate it more than ever.  Believe it or not laundry here is more difficult than in Russia.  In Russia we had a bathtub to wash our clothes in.  Here we have some platic tubs no bigger around than a pizza and about 5 inches deep.  You can only wash a few items at a time and with 3 little ones it is a big chore.  They do have laundry lines running behind the guest for us hang up our clothes on.  For anyone traveling to Africa soon it rains a bit each afternoon so don't leave your laundry out unless you want it to have an extra rinse cycle.  The plastic tubs that I use for the laundry are multifunctional.  They also serve as a bathtub, dish washing tub, and a small but loved swimming pool.
Tonight for dinner we through together a potluck.  Each of the adopting families brought something.  We ended up with canned corn, canned mixed veggies, spaghetti noodles with tomatoes, oatmeal, baked beans, and hotdogs.   It was the best meal we have had since I have been here.  We plan on doing this most nights.  It is much cheaper than having the guest house cook and was a bit fun.  The kids had ice cream for dessert.  There is something so special about watching someone have their first ice cream and first taste of chocolate )(Chad, I wish you were here for all of the firsts).  It is kind of neat how you create a surrogate family here.  You spend your days with them, shop with them, love on each other kids, help out with each others chores, and eat together.  It is wonderful to have brothers and sisters in Christ here to help encourage me.


  1. On the up side, your laundry tub is your favorite color - purple!

  2. Be careful hanging clothes outside; we have mango flies. Anything that's been outside that will be touching your skin will need to be ironed to kill any mango fly eggs (sheets, underwear, clothes...)

    I saw your post about kids' medicine. You can get Tylenol here, but they call it Paracetamol. Children's Motrin is only available at the hospitals. Can also get antibiotics over the counter, you just have to ask. It's not very expensive.

    When you get back to Kampala, if you want to wash clothes or raid my stash of kids' meds, give me a call! +256-754-358739.

    Best of luck with the rest of your trip!!!