Friday, October 7, 2011

1 Month in Africa

Today is the one month mark for Sadie and my adventure in Africa.  We are all starting to get a bit homesick.  Sadie has started to request to go home to her house on Windy Way.  It is very sweet to hear her talk this way but it is also hard because I want to be able to take her home.
During one month in Africa I have learned more than I learn in months at home.  Here are a few things about Uganda.
You drive on the left side of the road.
There are no carseats and very few seatbelts.
Electricity only works half the time.  Also meaning hot water is not always available.
Nobody has a watch. 
Shoes are sometimes a luxury.
Life is hard.
Pineapples and mangos are the best I have ever had.
There is red dust everywhere and on everything.
The children have huge round eyes and big smiles.
The children are beautiful.

We are still waiting on our final court ruling.  We will hopefully be recieving this on Monday.  Please keep this in your prayers for we are all ready to come home.

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