Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forgiveness: Working on It

The only way to describe this week is emotional.  I have been from the highest highs to the lowest lows.  I have felt wronged by our lawyer, Dorah Mirembe and desserted by our agency, Little Miracles International.  Due to a simple mistake by a lawyer who does not show much care we are still here.  This was a small oversight on her behalf but a $10,000 extra expense to us.  We have decided to reduce contact with our adoption agency because they don't seem to believe us or be able to help us. when.  So wronged and desserted is what I feel.  I am not sure who I would recommend for a Ugandan adoption but I know who not to use. 
I have struggled with these emotions towards these people this week.  I have been angered more than I knew possible.  I have not always handled it with the most christian like attitude.  I know anger is an emotion that's okay to feel.  Jesus got angry at the temple.  But I need to move on.  I need to forgive them.  I can't let them leave a negative impression on all that God has done with me here.
Today we went to an orphanage outside Kampala.  We went with a lady, Mrs. Tonya, who is staying with the missionary family we are staying with.  This lady runs an organization called Kirabo Seeds.  She collects money in the states to fund the orphanage.  She made an unplanned trip here this week because the director of the orphange was not using the funds for the children.  Today she took us to see where 50 children live in 2 rooms.  I did not know people could live on so little.  These children had only the shirts on their backs.  We went for a birthday party celebrating many of the children's birthdays.  They took cakes for the children to enjoy and blankets for birthday presents.  Mrs. Tonya spoke to the children about the event that had occured.  She was really speaking to me.  She spoke about how we must forgive those that have done us wrong.  God brought me to a tiny place in the middle of nowhere, where I could not be distracted and told me to forgive those that have wronged me.

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  1. Tonya is a friend of mine, I found your blog from Ugandanadoptionblogs (we are in process) and I went and started reading your back story. When I saw you were staying at Herb and Ellen's when she was there I was going to see if y'all met, then you met her! We are a big supporter of all her family is doing to protect and help those children. I'm enjoying reading our story, and praying in the waiting!