Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Judge Said Yes

Yesterday we appeared before the judge in her chambers.  She told us that guardianship was granted.  Yeah!  We are now waiting on the official written document in order to proceed to the embassy.
Appearing before the judge did not occur without quite the event to get there.  We waited around yesterday morning hoping for news that we should go to court.  Around 12:30 we put the kids down for a nap and then the frenzy began. At 12:45 we recieved a call from the lawyers office.  They said that we should appear at court at 2 pm.  At 1:00 they called back and said that we will not be attending court.  Nancy and I decided to go for a walk into town to finish up some shopping.  We made it about half a mile.  Chad came running to find us.  Yes, he left 4 kids asleep at the apartment.  They had called back and told us that we were to go to court at immediately.  Our driver passed by us and gave us a ride back to the guest house.  Everyone was all sweating and the kids were asleep.  But we got all dressed up in about 5 minutes.  We made it to court house just in time to see the judge.

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