Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving To Kampala

We still have not yet received our written ruling from the judge.  The judge has broken her leg and has not been at court.  We hope to get the ruling by Monday.  If we dont receive the ruling by Tuesday we will be here another week.  I am staying positive and we just are not going to think about being here another week.  Africa has been wonderful but I am ready to be back home.  We joke around by talking about what we want to eat when we get home.  Sadie and Nolen have both agreed on Frostys from Wendys.  I dont think Chad and Nancy have yet decided.  I just want a hamburger, the really unhealthy fast food kind. 
The food here is not bad but it is not great either.  For the most part it is bland.  They eat a lot of carbohydrates such as rice and posho.  Posho is a staple and is made from maize meal.  It looks similar to mashed potatoes.  It is pretty much tasteless.  Posho is what most children in orphanages live on.  While we were on Safari the lodge served a buffet for dinner.  They had posho on the buffet and I put a small bit of it on Liana's plate.  She let me know real fast that she was not eating that anymore.  She threw it all on the floor.
We are going to go ahead and move to Kampala.  After 5 and a half weeks in Jinja I am going a bit stir crazy.  There are a few touristy things that we can do there hopefully to help pass the time.  There are also some other adopting families staying at the guest house in Kampala.  On Saturday we are planning on taking a day trip to the equator.  We hope to also see some wild zebras.
Please keep praying for our written ruling.  The ruling is all typed up and ready to go.  The judge just has to sign it.

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