Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not Much To Do

Bored, that is what I am.  Staying with Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Herb is wonderful.  Their staff cook our wonderful meals and do our laundry.  This does not leave much for us to do.  With Sadie and Nolen gone the place is much calmer and a little bit quieter.  Nanny JaJa and I have both taken to reading a lot.  Mrs. Ellen has a small library with a mixed collection of books that have been left by various guest.  I have already read 6 novels since Chad left last week.  I have also read a couple books of the Old Testament.  With no television after the kids go to bed there is not much else to do but read.  We also like to take walks when the weather permits.
 It is currently rainy season in Uganda.  It rains about once a day.  When big storms come we usually loose power.  I think the power was out more this week than it was on.  There is a small generator at the house that can be used to provide a little light in the evening.  However, it is not strong enough to power the hot water heater.  Yesterday when the power came back on we both took showers as soon as we could.  We are glad we did because about an hour later the power was out again.
  The girls are doing very well with playing with the toys we have.  We have a small drawer that they use as a toy box for their toys.  We also have a couple of books.  They love to read Llama Llama Mad at Mama.  After we read this book I hear the repeating llama llama.  They also love to play with their baby dolls.  They carry them around in the back of their dresses.  The ladies here carry their babies on their backs.  The girls also play feed them and put them to sleep.  Hadley likes to play dressup with some play jewelry and our shoes.  They are still very scared of the dog so we don't play in the yard much.  I hope they can get over that pretty soon.

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