Monday, October 24, 2011

Paper Bead Necklaces For Sale

Since we will be hanging around a bit longer we will be having a few extra expenses.  To help us with this I am going to offer paper bead necklaces.  We purchased these necklaces from the girls baby home in Jinja.  The ladies at the baby home make the necklaces by rolling recycled pieces of paper into beads.  The beads are then dipped into a type of resin.  Arise and Shine babies home sales these in order to fund the orphanage.  By purchasing these necklaces you will be helping fund the orphanage and help us bring home our girls.
The necklaces are long enough to be wrapped around your neck up to 3 times.  They are multicolor.  We are selling them for $15 each.  Chad will have them available when he returns home in a few days.  You can also purchase them from our family in Memphis.  We hope to be seeing most of you around the holidays.  If you would like us to bring you home a necklace please send me an email to or post a comment.


  1. I would love one...

  2. I would like one as well. The more colors the better so it can go with anything! :-)

  3. Alex and I both want one!