Monday, October 17, 2011

Today was suppossed to be a great day. I was going to get visas for

my daughters to come home today. But the Lord had different plans.

We went to the embassy today with the court order and the birth

parents of the girls. We also took all of the needed documents. Our

Embassy appointment in Russia took less than an hour. So around hour

number 5 Chad and I new something was not right. The consular at the

embassy is new. She is being very strict. There was confusion

in the paperwork about the girls birthdate. They had recorded 2

different dates as their birthdate. From my understanding this is

common in this country. Often people don't know their exact

birthdates as they are not born in hospitals. Record keeping is poor

at its best. The consular did not like the descrepancy in the dates.

Therefore, she would not issue the visas. She said this raises a red

flag on our case. The embassy is undergoing what they call a fraud

investigation. She said that she needs to investigate if we have

obtained the girls based on fraud.

Chad and I sat in her office and both cried our eyes out. Then she

said that the embassy is small and has a small staff. However they

make adoption cases a priority. She followed this with saying that

best case scenario we would be issued visas in a month.

We are currently scurrying around trying to decide what we are going

to do. Does Chad come home and go back to work? Who stays in Uganda?

How are we going to fund this? What do we do? The only thing I know

is that I am not leaving my girls.

We need a lot of prayers sent our way. This is a very difficult time

for us. I know the end result will be well worth it but we are ready

to come home. I have to keep my faith that the Lord has put me here

for a reason. I don't know that reason but maybe one day I will make

sense of it.

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  1. I can't believe I am reading this. My husband and I are in Uganda adopting twins. We are using the same agency, the same attorney, and we got this same outcome at our embassy interview two weeks ago. After talking to my mom today about things Dorah has done, she googled her name and found your blog. To know that we aren't the first family this has happened to makes me even more angry! Luckily, our twins were born at a large hospital and records of their birth were found (yet they didn't match any of the dates that were in our file.) I am so sad that after everything your family went through LMI continued to use Dorah. I hope and pray that we are the last.