Thursday, October 27, 2011


We have had a lot going on here on the otherside of the world.  Chad, Sadie, and Nolen left here Tuesday night they arrived home on Wednesday.  It was very hard to see them go.  The kids were excited to go home, Sadie has been a bit homesick.  When I asked them what they missed the most both of them said they missed their dogs.  Sadie told me she wanted PaPa to get her a Frosty from Wendys on the way home.  Chad was amazing.  A few months he did not want to go to Target with both kids but this week he travelled around the world with them.  It was good see the facebook photos of their homecoming, they made me more ready to come home.
Yesterday Nancy, H, L, and myself went to the US Embassy to complete the DNA testing.  The girls and both birthparents were tested.  The tests are being sent via FedEx back to the US to be analyzed.  Now all we have to do is wait.  That is going to be the hard part. 
Thank you to all who have requested the necklaces.  Chad brought many home with him.  He should have them available at The Bridge on Sunday.  My sister also has many with her in Memphis.  If you need further information on how to contact them please let me know.

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