Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Girls

The girls are beautiful. It amazes me how two little girls could have survived so much, more than most people can imagine, and yet come out as well balanced individuals. They are not identical twins though they do resemble each other a bit. There personalities are as different as night and day. Hadley is our little girlie girl who likes everything done in a very particular way. She is a bit picky about putting things away and having everything in order. I can envision her room as being kept immaculate with every item having its own assigned place. She also loves to dress up with jewelry and shoes. Hadley has this way of smiling at you with the her eyes. It is as if the outside of her eyes slightly turn up and when she smiles her whole face lights up.

Liana is a handful, a mess is what I often call her. She is the total opposite of her sister. She does not seem to mind if things are put away in a specific order. I can imagine her keeping her room similar to mine when I was growing up, a disaster. She is very spirited and full of life. Liana is a never ending ball of energy and joy. She has the ability to liven up the drabbest of situations. She has full round cheeks that seem to squish her big round coffee bean eyes when she smiles. Her laugh is abundant and contagious.

I am continuing to refrain from posting photographs of the girls until this "mess" is cleared up.

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