Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jjaja has more necklaces

This past week celebrated the completion of our third month in Africa.  When we started out on this adventure I never could have guessed I would still be here in December.  But I am and with that we have had to change our plans a bit. 
Chad's mother, Nancy is known to the girls as Jjaja.  Jjaja is the Uganda name for grandparent.  They often call her Nanny Jjaja in the sweetest high pitch voices.  Jjaja left to return home on December 8th.  I did not think that the girls really understood what was happening but they never cease to amaze me.  When Jjaja was loading her stuff into the car and started her goodbyes Hadley began to cry.  Hadley got very upset when Nancy left.  I guess she did understand what was happening.  They frequently go to the bed she slept in and say Jjaja's bed.  They then go and play in her closet and refer to it as Jjaja's closet.
With her Nancy brought a an abundance of paper bead necklaces home.  The initial wave of necklace sales was overwhelming and we quickly ran out of what Chad brought back.  Nancy has brought enough back for everyone.  She has brought back ones of all different lengths and colors.  If you are interested please contact her, myself, Chad, or my sister Stephanie.  If anyone has paid and not recieved one or has ordered on please send another contact so we can get them to you.  For more details about the necklaces click here.
THANK YOU for showing your support

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  1. Holly, The necklaces are just GORGEOUS .. I was lucky enough to receive one from Nancy as a gift and I have bought some so I was able to share them as Christmas gifts with your story... you are touching more people than you will ever know !! God bless you and your beautiful little twins and your wonderful family !!!