Wednesday, January 11, 2012

He Forgot

During my fourth month of being Ugandan, my husband had to do some Mr. Mom type things. He is back in Tennessee with Sadie and Nolen and this week got to take them to their first day back to school and to the dentist. This was Nolen’s first complete dental cleaning visit and I wish I could have been there to comfort him because he gets a bit nervous about things like this. He has had his teeth looked at before and had to have some minor oral surgery but never a complete cleaning. This was also a first for Chad. It was his first time taking a kid to the dentist. I do not know who was more nervous him or them. I am glad to report that they all did wonderfully.

During Nolen’s visit Chad had to fill out a history form. A few questions about some spots on his teeth came up after the exam. I asked Chad if he informed the doctor about Nolen’s history. For the first seventeen months of his life, Nolen essentially lived in a baby bed. When we got custody of him we are pretty confident that we gave him his first bath and brushed his teeth for the first time.

Chad told me when I asked him about talking to the doctor about Nolen’s medical history that he forgot. Me being the “why” child that I am of coarse had to follow up with “Why not?” Chad corrected himself and explained his answer in a way that spoke to my heart and brought tears to my eyes. You see he did not mean that he forgot to tell the dentist. Chad said he forgot that we had not had Nolen his whole life. He meant he forgot he was adopted.

I love that. Even though our family shows outward physical signs of being a family with adopted children we forget that they are adopted. They are all our children.

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  1. Yesterday while looking at the pictures on our refrigerator, Cara Anne asked where Nolens baby picture was. I told her it was in my heart. Can't wait to meet my new granddaughters!

    Nana - Banana