Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Will Not Leave You

Many times over the past few months and by many different people I have been asked the question, "Why don't you just leave the girls until their paperwork is ready and then return to bring them home?"  I am in no way writting this blog to upset any of you who have posed this question but I am simply wanting to explain why I am here and the decision that our family has made.
Yes, I could put the girls back in the orphanage and return to America.  I could then return to Uganda to bring them to home once everything was complete.  But that scenario does not exist in my world.  Everyday I wake up and roll over to four huge coffee bean eyes staring at me, calling me mommy.  Everyday I get loved on by the two most beautiful Ugandan children.  Of course if I was in America I would wake up to four soft blue eyes staring at me and calling me mommy.  And I would get loved on by my mzungu children and my husband.
So how does one choose?  This was by no means a decision that has been easy.  No matter what descision was made our family would not be together.  Either way the hurt of being split by the Atlantic Ocean would exists.  But we must decide what is best for our children.  Right now the twins need me.  We have spent the last four months developing an extremely close bond.  At first they would not let me love on them and were not very trusting.  Now they want an abundance of love and our trust is constantly strenthening.  I am their mother and they are my children.  To send them back would be detrimental to our relationship, it is just not an option.   
So here I am.  Here I will stay until their paperwork is ready.  One verse is ever present in my mind lately and that is John 14:18.
I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
Jesus spoke this to his disciples just before he was arrested.  He did not leave me as an orphan and I will not leave them.


  1. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart! Psalms 37:4
    I think you made a hard decision in the best interest of your two "new" children. This time is meant for you to bond with them before heading home to a larger family they will also have to get used to. (Challenges await once home and they adjust to sharing you with the whole family.) Your in my prayers as always! Cathy Bodi

  2. Heather, you know that you are daily in our prayers. I am praising God for you and how He is giving you time with H and L. I wish I had understood better what God was doing in our short (but seemingly long) wait for G's passport. He was giving us bonding time with her. You will need this time "under your belt" when you do arrive home. I am looking forward to hearing that your transition time when you are stateside is going smoothly because you had time to bond with them in Ug@nda.
    Praying, praying, praying you all home SOON!!!!